Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fighting Through Weight Loss Plateaus on a Bicycle

One of the most frustrating things that happens to me while riding my bicycle is that I find myself in weight loss plateaus that can last a while.  It seems that no matter how hard or how far I go on my training rides, my weight gets stuck.  The solution is really quite easy but I sometimes forget about it because of the sheer joy I get when riding normally.

The solution to break through these weight loss plateaus is to go for a ride and mix up what you usually do.  I like to ride pretty much a consistent effort for most of my rides.  When trying to break through my plateaus, I just go ride fairly easy for about 3 minutes then I hammer it for 1 minute and I continue doing this for the duration of my ride.  It really is not that hard but I promise, you will be wasted when you finish.  Then take the next day off and then go back to riding normally.  You will soon see that plateau busted.  Don't get too wrapped up in your speed or being exact to the second on the light effort, solid effort intervals.  Just change up your ride.  It works, I promise.

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